STEP 1Connect your devices and sensors
to a Field Gateway.
Easy provisioning: wired or wireless

STEP 2Import your tags
and configure
your alarms and events

STEP 3Optimize the user’s experience
by deploying widgets and
customizing dashboards
to suit individual needs

STEP 4Analyze performances and
share insights through
reports and BI-tools

Power up your

Succeed with IIoT
…by having the right tools

The Connectitude IIoT Platform is built for easy sharing of information and for collaboration within your company and with selected business partners. Combine roles, rights, limits and widgets to design an effective workspace for your daily operations and desired flow of information.

Process view
Support tools
Reports and BI
Safe remote access
Fieldbus drivers
Machine Learning
Local cloud

Succeed with IIoT
…by intuitive operations
and ease of use

The Core features of the Connectitude IIoT Platform are built to be easily managed and altered by its authorized users.  By designing each step from importing your tags from your devices to setting your alarms and even creating your custom reports, Connectitude and our customers have a common goal: a minimum of support in the daily use of the platform.

Succeed with IIoT
…by having control wherever and whenever

With the Connectitude IIoT Platform, you and your business network will have access to real-time monitoring of your operations, as well as scheduled reports and notifications. All devices and PLCs connected to the system will also be accessible to authorized users through secure VPN tunnels for troubleshooting and remote control.

Succeed with IIoT
…by better insights

Why does your process most often shut down on Wednesdays? Which customers need more care? How can service intervals be cut by half? Every company has questions concerning how to increase production efficiency or improve customer relations. Our platform provides the answers that give you the competitive edge.

Succeed with IIoT
…by being adaptive to changes

Future changes are hard to predict, but the Connectitude IIoT Platform is designed to be agile and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business and the constant evolution of new technologies. The platform, with its modular features and non-proprietory architecture, will protect your system from obsolescence.

Great features
at your fingertips

Great features
at your fingertips

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